America in Crisis

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For many years my letters were appeal letters giving testimonies of my travels and what was being accomplished. I reported the miracles and the souls that were saved. Virtually each of you reading this letter will remember those days and those letters. Little has changed in my ministry over the years. I still travel frequently, miracles continue to happen, and souls continue to be saved as much if not more than ever. And I still depend on the support of the body of Christ as I always have.

However, some months ago my heart was stirred to change the focus of my monthly letters from writing about what I’m doing to writing about matters that may directly affect you in your walk with The Lord Jesus. I want to give something back and invest in your life as you have done in mine. Some of even you look to me for varying levels of leadership and to that I must be faithful. Last month I wrote about the birthright and the church of the firstborn. The response was good and I appreciate it.
This month I want to share with you about my concern with the direction our nation is going. Though this may not appear to be particularly “spiritual” I humbly ask you to read, ponder, and consider what I have to say.
To be clear and as direct as I can be, America cannot sustain its present course. We are a nation in deep trouble particularly morally and financially!
Perhaps some Christian leaders can see these things and remain silent. I can’t! I see the deplorable moral decline, the blatant political corruption, the misinformation and secret negotiations coming out of the White House. I see a failing economy fostered by unsustainable debt and the endless printing of paper money whereby each new dollar bill coming off the press is worth less than the previous one!
The well-known news reporter, Bill O’Reilly, recently asked during his internationally televised program, “Where are the priest’s and the preachers today? Why aren’t they speaking out?” I believe some are and I commend them for doing so. As a preacher myself I serve as a watchman on the wall responsible to fix my gaze on the horizon, see what is approaching in the distance, and sound the appropriate trumpet call. From my place on the wall what I see coming is not friendly! This is my trumpet call!
Do I believe Jesus will take care of His people in any situation? Yes I do. I also believe Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and show us things to come.
Consider for a moment this verse of Scripture…
“A prudent man foresees the evil and hides himself; but the simple {Lit.
Seducible} pass on and are punished {Lit. inflict a penalty}” Proverbs 27:12
That is to me a sobering verse of Scripture that pierces my heart like an arrow!

Sometimes people of faith, like us, can be a bit simple and naïve. Sometimes we are even the blind being led by the blind. Those are strong words I know and I’m being cautious so as not to offend but I do want to appeal to your good sense.
There are those predicting God’s judgment on America. I’m not one of them. What I’m warning you about is the results of ungodly and greedy men, including many bankers and politicians, who know how to manipulate the financial system and become enormously wealthy at the expense of decent hard working people. I don’t necessarily see that as the judgment of God. Something can be human or satanic in origin without being a direct act of God’s Judgment. If God is judging America then so be it we accept His righteous judgment. If on the other hand what we see is man’s doing we can deal with that. That’s the position I’m taking. During the height of The Great Depression the unemployment never rose above twenty-five percent. While it’s true millions suffered, it’s equally true millions more got along just fine and even prospered. The bottom line is some were prepared while others were not.
I’m not predicting another great depression but I see a continuing recession, a falling dollar, and a possible deflation of the U.S. currency. According to various sources the IMF is now planning its move to replace the U.S. Dollar as the number one reserve currency in the world. You may not know what that means but I assure you if that happens the life style of every U.S. citizen will change dramatically. The incessant printing of paper money to pay only the interest on borrowed money is clearly a one-way street leading to disaster. Can anyone borrow money on one credit card to pay the interest on another without touching the principle amount borrowed? Yes, but not indefinitely. Eventually the day of reckoning comes. America is not there yet but it’s inevitable and it’s not going to be pretty!
Up to now I’m addressing the financial aspect of the crisis. Much could be said about the moral decay. Perhaps you’ve heard of the man, the Olympic gold medalist, who is now a woman. He/she is in the media most every day and almost risen to hero status for “coming out”! Barack Obama refused to call the widow of a fallen hero, the American sniper, Chris Kyle, to give condolences after his senseless murder, but he took time to call a professional football player to congratulate him for “coming out” as a homosexual! That is sick my friend! The President is also the man who declared, “America can no longer be called a Christian nation”! What happens in the White House, the Supreme Court, and Wall Street affects each of us directly. There is no avoiding it. And believe it or not what happens in those three locations directly affects the moral climate of Amearica.
Even now the Supreme Court is considering same-sex marriage. Abortion on demand is so entrenched in our culture that it’s taken for granted. The looming financial crisis has been years in the making but it will certainly reach the tipping point until “suddenly” something happens. Millions will be caught completely off guard.
Consider this. Our Blessed Heavenly Father, on His way to Sodom, stopped by Abraham’s tent to reveal His plan to destroy the city. During that visit, and in His mercy, He engaged in a negotiation with Abraham to spare the city! “If there are ten righteous I will spare the city.” God would have preferred to spare the city if He could righteously do so. He also went so far as sending two messengers to warn Lot to get his family out. If the situation in America has passed the point of no return God will at least warn His people to “get out” which could be the same as “be prepared”. If one knows where to listen he will hear creditable people issuing clear warnings and offering clear suggestions of how to weather the coming storm. Remember, The Holy Spirit is sent to show us things to come and, by implication, have us prepared.
God is inviting the “prudent” of today to prepare for His next move. Oh yes, a move of God is underway. Greedy men are planning their move, foreign governments are planning their move, and God is planning His. Consider again…
“Darkness will cover the earth, and thick darkness the people: but The Lord shall
arise upon you, and his Glory shall be seen upon you.” Isaiah 60:2
Who can perdict what form the darkness will take? It may be all inclusive, financial, moral, war, famine, civil unrest, terrorism, or a dozen other things. But for sure many will know it’s coming and are prepared to stand as a light in the world.
There are many resources available to those desiring to educate themselves on current events, well-founded predictions, and reasonable preparations. The great thing about preparation is you cannot lose. If the crisis you prepare for never comes you’ve lost nothing. If the crisis comes, you have made yourself ready. It’s like saving for a rainy day. If the day never comes, you’ve lost nothing by being prepared.
I’m heeding my own counsel and making a few preparations to be ready for an uncertain future should it come. A major crisis could occur without warning, it could be an Internet security breach like the one that just happened. The Banking system is extremely vulnerable to such an attack. I recommend you keep a reasonable amount of cash on hand in case your bank is shut down for a week or two. The stock market is a prime target to shutdown our national economy. The utility grids that send electric power to our homes are always the subjects of cyber warfare. What will you do if you have no electricity in your home or office? One terrorist attack can shut down every airport in America. It’s happened before. The supply of fresh water could be disrupted or contaminated. If you stop and take a moment to think about it we are a very venerable people. There is no need to panic or fear, just take some reasonable precautions. You who live in Florida know what it’s like when a hurricane warning is issued. People run to the merchants and buy every roll of toilet paper in the place! Why not buy some now and store it away? It is very unlikely Florida will never experience another hurricane and it’s equally unlikely the U.S. can continue it’s present course without serious consequences. Be prepared!
I hope you know me well enough to I’m not “going off the deep end”. I’m not predicting doom and gloom. I’m appealing you, my Christian friends, to not be caught unaware. I’m not saying the sky will fall tomorrow. I’m not saying a catastrophe will occur tomorrow. However, I want to be clear in saying the present course America is pursuing cannot be sustained, the course can, and hopefully will be changed, by a new admiration, but the present course cannot continue without dire consequences.
For me to write a traditional appeal letter is simple compared to a letter such as this. I have pondered every word. I’ve laid awake at night debating whether or not to bring these thoughts to you. Finally at the end of the day I came to the conclusion I cannot be silent. I’m indebted to you. The words written here are not intended to be prophetic. The conclusions I’ve come to are based totally on natural reasoning and common sense. Can God intervene? Of course He can. Will He? I don’t know. I hope so. But we who know the ministry of the Holy Spirit should be prepared for whatever comes?
So here it is my friend. I’ve laid it out as clearly and briefly as I’m capable of doing. Please consider what I’m saying. I want more than anything to see my family and friends stand in a difficult or evil day. I want to be prepared for the next “hurricane” when it comes.

Your comments and concerns are equally welcomed.

Dan Duke
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Go in, come out with something, bless the people

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Decisions Decisions

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Tudo em sua vida está de certa forma, ligado diretamente a uma decisão, uma decisão sua ou de alguma outra pessoa.

Este livro foi escrito para ajudá-lo em seu processo de decisão.


Alguns anos atrás um pregador da fé, bem popular criou a frase “decisão de qualidade”. Essa foi sua maneira de definir a diferença entre simplesmente decidir uma coisa e fazer um compromisso de coração. Quantas vezes você já decidiu, por exemplo, perder peso? Parecia que isso era uma boa coisa a fazer, então você “decidiu” fazer. Bem, você fez o que havia decidido? Você perdeu peso e permaneceu na sua decisão? Se sua resposta for “sim”, então você tomou uma decisão, se for “não” você não fez uma “decisão de qualidade”.

O tipo de decisão sobre o qual escrevo vai mais fundo, bem mais profundo que uma simples tentativa de fazer algo, e abre muito espaço para o fracasso, quando continuar naquilo que decidiu se torna difícil, e invariavelmente a dificuldade virá. O profeta Jó diz: “Determinarás um negócio e este te será firme”. Sobre que tipo de decisão você acha que ele está falando? Esse tipo de decisão é o propósito deste livro.

Quando você realmente entender o que estou comunicando, você irá valorizar o seu privilégio de decisão mais do que nunca. Isso é muito bom, e se eu conseguir fazer comunicar bem, sua vida se tornará produtiva e realizada muito além de tudo que você poderia jamais imaginar.

Escrever é uma tarefa difícil pra mim, e eu evito ter de fazê-la. Escrever requer muito mais paciência e diligencia do que falar, sem mencionar mais fatos e raciocínio sólidos. Um texto uma vez escrito e impresso não pode ser mudado então é melhor que eu faça bem feito na primeira vez. O fato de você estar lendo este livro indica que eu fiz uma “decisão de qualidade”. Se você nunca tiver este livro em suas mãos significa que eu simplesmente pensei que isso poderia ser uma coisa boa e nunca o completei.

Nunca é uma boa ideia começar algo, qualquer coisa, e não terminar. Quando você faz isso, você está treinando seu homem interior, o seu espírito para desenvolver uma mentalidade fracassada e você determina, para si mesmo, sua integridade. Se você não valoriza sua integridade o suficiente para terminar o que começou, você sempre aceitará o fracasso e o justificará em sua mente, porém seu homem interior sabe disso e sua autoestima diminui.

Quando você sabe que tudo o que você começa você deve e irá completar, isso irá afetar grandemente suas decisões e suas palavras. Eu tenho diversas experiências de falar algo a alguém sem refletir antes, o que me custou caro! Se eu falo algo, eu tenho de cumprir, ainda que tenha falado apressadamente, sem pensar. Uma vez que falei, estou absolutamente obrigado a fazer. Meu amigo, isso pode arrancar a indolência de dentro de você! É muito comum as pessoas me dizerem que vão fazer algo, talvez seja algo que eu nem mesmo lhes pedi que fizessem. Poderia ser uma coisa insignificante, mas isso não importa. O tamanho não importa, se você falou, cumpra, sem desculpas. Se você falou que iria fazer algo e então descobriu ser humanamente incapaz de cumprir o que disse, pelo menos seja íntegro o suficiente para ir até à outra pessoa e explicar que você deu uma palavra, porém não poderá cumpri-la e peça desculpas. A pessoa pode dizer: “Ah, não foi nada”, mas você responde, “foi sim, foi minha palavra”.

Meus filhos nunca me perguntaram: “Você promete papai?” Eles cresceram sabendo que se papai fala, ele cumpre. Quão estragada está nossa sociedade ao ponto de haver mais crédito se eu digo “eu prometo”! Existe alguma diferença entre minha palavra e minha promessa? Devemos entender que se eu falo algo é opcional cumprir ou não, enquanto se eu “prometo” então eu provavelmente vou cumprir? Eu não acredito nisso!

Há muitos anos que viajo como missionário internacional e muitas pessoas frequentemente perguntam se poderiam me acompanhar em uma de minhas missões. Eu geralmente concordo e a pergunta seguinte sempre é: “quanto custa?” Que diferença faz o custo? Ou você vai ou não vai. A decisão vem primeiro. Você nunca aborda o COMO até que tenha estabelecido o O QUE.

Minha definição de decisão é: uma dedicação de coração e total comprometimento em cumprir algo que você estabeleceu que faria e o fará, ponto final!



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Everything in your life is somehow directly attributable to a decision, yours or someone else’s.

This book is written to help you in your decision making process.

Some years ago a popular faith preacher coined the phrase “quality decision.” That was his way of defining the difference between simply deciding a thing and making a deep hearted commitment. How many times have you decided, for example, to lose weight? It sounded like a good thing so you “decided” to do it. Well, did you? Did you lose weight and keep it off? If you answer “yes” you made a decision, if “no” you did not make a “quality decision'”!

The type of decision I’m writing about goes deeper, much deeper than a simple attempt at something and leaves plenty of room for failure when the going gets tough which it invariably will. The prophet Job says, “you shall decide a thing and it will be established to you.” So what kind of decision do you think he is talking about? That is the point of this book.

Once you truly understand what I am communicating you will value your decision making privilege far greater than you ever have. That’s a good thing and if I’m successful in doing that, your life will become productive and fulfilling beyond what you have previously imagined.

Writing is difficult for me and I avoid having to do it. Writing requires much more patience and diligence than speaking not to mention more solid facts and reasoning. Once it’s written and put to print it cannot be changed so I better get it right the first time. The obvious fact that you are reading this book is an indication I made a ”’ quality decision.” If you never have this book in your hand then I merely thought it a good thing to do someday and never did complete it.

It is never a good idea to begin something, anything, and not finish it. To do so is training your inner man, your spirit, to develop a failure mentality and you undermine your own integrity to yourself! If you do not value your integrity enough to finish what you’ve begun you will always accept the failure and justify it in your mind-but your spirit-man knows and your self esteem diminishes.

When you know that whatever you begin you will, you must, complete will in itself greatly affect the decisions you make and the words you speak. I have several experiences of saying something to someone without thinking it through, and it cost me! If I said it I must do it even if I said it hastily. If I spoke it I am absolutely obligated to do it. That my friend will jerk the slack out of your chain! It is quite normal for someone to say to me that they will do a certain thing, something I may not have even asked them to do, and not do it. It could be the smallest thing but that does not matter. One size fits all and If you speak it do it, no excuses. If you say you are going to do something and discover you are humanly incapable of doing it at least have the integrity to go to that person and explain that you gave a word you cannot fulfill and apologize. They may say, Oh it was nothing?” but you say, “it was something, it was my word.”

While growing up my children never asked me one time, “daddy do you promise?” They grew up knowing if daddy said it he would do it. How has society deteriorated to the point that there is more credibility communicated if I “promise”? Is there a difference between my word and my promise? Is it to be assumed if I say it it is optional whether or not I do it while If i “promise” then I probably will? I’m not buying that!

I’ve been an international missionary for many years and people frequently ask if they can accompany me on one of my missions. I usually reply in the affirmative and the next question is almost always, “how much does it cost?” What difference does it make” I ask them. “Are you coming or not?” if you are coming on a mission trip what difference does it make how much it costs? You are either coming or your not. The decision comes first. You never address the How until you have established the WHAT.

My definition of decision is a heart dedication and total commitment to accomplish something that you have set out to do and you will do it, period!

It’s almost i…

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It’s almost impossible to conceive that in February of next year the United States will inaugurate a president that is either a Liberation Theology Socialist or a Mormon Bishop. Unbelievable!  Yet those are the choices we have.


To say this is the most important presidential election in our lifetime is an understatement! The question is, “What do we do.”


With the current administration the debt crisis will increase to support the entitlement mentality and wealth distribution strategy. With the presumed Republican candidate the anti-Christian doctrine of the Mormon religion will be seated in the nation’s highest office. Whatever is released at the top flows down. What comes out of the president’s office affects each of us and every future generation.


Your recognition and response to what’s happening is the determining factor in your future. Some may cloister themselves and try to get by as best they can, or even worse, do nothing and hope things get better. Neither response is appropriate.


I am not aware of a particular divine covenant between God and America. What I am aware of, however, is God’s covenant with Abraham and his seed. That’s us! God considers Christians to be the seed of Abraham and therefore heirs according to the promise.


What does God have to say to Abraham’s descendants? “If My people will which are called by My Name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”   2 Chronicles 7:14


This verse of Scripture rose to national recognition exactly 40 years ago in 1972. A biblical generation is 40 years and here we are again; a national moral crisis and a bleak social and economic forecast facing this generation. Fortunately, very fortunately, in the seventies the U.S. was swept into a powerful move of the Holy Spirit that touched every segment of society. Millions were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. I was one of them.


Our nation’s problems then are the same as now, only worse, but the promise remains, “If My people.” The future of American and the free world is in the hands of the Church. However, the church is not an institution it’s a people within a people, the “called out ones”.


This becomes very personal to each of us. Believe me, I’m taking it very personally! So I ask myself  “what can I do?” I can vote for the candidate that poses the least threat to the future of my children and grandchildren. But is that all I can do? Surely not! We are not a people forsaken by God and abandoned to some “far left” agenda. Not on your life! We are the Bible believing moral majority, pro life, sanctity of marriage, people. We still believe in the Constitution of the United States and that our elected officials are sworn to uphold it.


I’m challenging God’s people everywhere to take God’s promise seriously and apply it personally. Let me tell you what I’m doing as a direct response to what I see as the root problem, which is the spiritual decline of America.  If it’s a spiritual problem, only a spiritual solution will fix it.


This is what I’m doing. I’m daily sitting in His presence for the specific purpose of ministering to Him in worship, prayer, repentance, and consecration. I have purposed to be one of “His people” that fulfills the conditions required for the healing of our land. Can it happen? Is it too late? Have we slipped too far? Is there still hope? Are we headed for a total melt down? Maybe. But I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.


But! Make no mistake about it, only a full-fledged move of God will suffice. This nation must make a turn toward righteousness at the very heart. It has happened before and it can happen again. It must happen.


How can one person make a difference? It’s simple really.  A genuine move of the Holy Spirit is an individual thing that spreads one person at a time. And and it begins with you (and me). The move of God quietly moves from person to person, house to house, until it’s not quiet any more. While it may begin in secret eventually the secret gets out that God is moving!


Jesus is the door, you enter in through Him, don’t look here or there, to this church or that church. It’s personal. It’s individual. Look to Jesus. If you really want to be part of the solution tell that to Jesus. Declare your dedication to work together with Him to turn this nation back to God. He will open the way for you. You can make a difference.


I can’t emphasize this enough, your personal devotion and intimacy with Jesus is the determining factor in your future. Even if God does not visit this nation He can visit you! Even if America cannot be spared you can be spared. Even if America falls you can stand.  If the economy does collapse you can live in heaven’s economy. Though a thousand fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, it does not have to come nigh to you! (The Bible) Believe me, you have nothing to lose getting close to Jesus!


These are serious days my friend but they are good days. In fact, the best days are ahead for the overcoming Christians. Let’s stand ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Evening and Morning

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“And God called the light day, and the darkness He called night, and the evening and the morning were the first day.” Genesis 1:5

Every culture I am aware of begins each new day at midnight except one. Israel and the Hebrew nation have the unique distinction of beginning the each new day at sundown. Have you considered the ramifications of that in a spiritual context? That means that each new day begins at dusk and grows darker and darker as the hours pass. By the time the sun rises the day is already half over!

So often folks like us (those who love Jesus) find ourselves in times of darkness and, in some situations, the darkness seems more and more dark. However if we will relax and realize that we are entering a new day which is always introduced by the going down of the sun with the light (understanding) of the previous day perhaps it will help us understand the process and not be afraid of the dark. Because of a trauma in my life as a child I grew up with a fear of the dark. In my childlike innocence I somehow believed there was something there, lurking in the dark, that I could not see and, therefore. to be feared. I was well into my adult years before I faced my fear and discovered it was all a lie. The darkness holds no threat to me.

Likewise, in our walk with God there will be times that the sun seems to have gone down on our path and we only see darkness. That’s normal. You are entering a new day. Eventually light will break on the horizon and you will begin to see clearly once again.

I was recently on an overnight flight heading towards a predetermined destination. As I looked out the small window of the aircraft there was darkness everywhere. It was as we say in English, “pitch black”. I could see nothing. However, I knew the destination and I knew that the pilot had his navigation system in place and even though I could not see through the darkness I knew the dawn would come and I would arrive at my destination safely. At a certain moment after hours in the air I could see a faint glow on the horizon. It was very faint at first glance but right before my eyes I watched the most glorious sun rise! It was magnificent!

What is important, and using the Bible as our reference, by the time I saw the light of day, the day was already half over and I had made steady progress toward my destination.

My friend, there is a pilot safely speeding you along toward your destination. His name is Jesus. His navigation system is perfect and He will bring you safely to your destination which is your destiny and calling. You have nothing to fear. Just remain seated with your seatbelt fastened. You may not be seeing the horizon just yet but it’s not far off. The window of your vision may be small as mine was but nothing can prevent the light of dawn.

I leave you with the words of the prophet, “Watchman, watchman, what of the night? The watchman said, THE MORNING COMES.”

Love you guys. Hang in there.


FCMI – Fellowship of Churches and Ministers – USA October 2011

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