Decisions, Decisions, Continued

So often people come to me desiring to do something meaningful and good. Maybe it’s a mission trip to a foreign country or moving to a new city or attending college. Whatever.

Inevitably they say something like this, “I don’t know HOW I am going to do it!” So often we humans are more aware of our limitations than God’s unlimited wisdom, power, and provision which are all promised to us, His children.

As I have said, I often hear the desires and dreams of people who see no way to accomplish them. The Bible says, “hope deferred (held back) makes the heart sick (Proverbs 13:12). Many today are “heartsick” because of unfulfilled dreams. Maybe you are one of them.

Herein lies the problem, you must first address the WHAT before you will ever discover the HOW.

Let me explain. You must first decide WHAT is is you are going go do before you can ever discover HOW you are going to do it. The power is in the decision! This is the way I live my life and have for many years. I decide WHAT it is I’m going to do without even thinking about HOW I’m going to do it. What purpose and point is it to take the time to figure HOW to do something that I’m not yet committed (that is decided) to do. The decision comes first…always.

Once the decision is made. Once it is firm in your heart WHAT you are going to do 90% of the battle is won! In other words, making the definite determined decision WHAT you are going to do is the hard part. (A word of caution here…the decision has to be one of the heart. A heart decision, down deep on the inside decision. A simple nod of the head and a casual, “I think I’ll do this or that” will not do. You must make a DECISION. I’m talking about a no going back decision!)

Once you have done that you will be amazed at how the HOW becomes clear. Your decision releases the creative power of faith and vision.

I have used this method and principle for years and it has never failed. Once I make my decision I then began DOING SOMETHING, no matter how small, toward that goal and decision EVERY DAY. Got it? Hear me again, I do something every day to move me one step closer to the the thing I’ve decided to do.

Every journey, long or short, begins and ends with one step no matter how small it seems to be. If you make one step every day toward your determined result you will eventually arrive at your destination. It cannot fail.

Doing something daily toward your decision will sharpen your focus and activate your faith. So let me present this one more time.

You will never capture the HOW of something until you are clear on the WHAT. Decide the WHAT first and the HOW will become clear.

2 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions, Continued”

  1. Rita Nascimento Says:

    Wonderful Dan!!
    God bless you!!!

  2. Incrivel como as pessoas pecam nisto.
    Que o Senhor possa tocar corações através desta mensagem. Creio que a Sabedoria é uma das revelações mais lindas de Deus para o homem.

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