Entering a New Year

We know Jesus was not born on December 25 and we know heaven does not recognize our modern calendar so both Christmas and our Roman calendar are for all practical purposes symnbolic. They are, however, significant events if for nothing else than to direct our attention to certain events. There is nothing wrong with celebrating Jesus’ birth and enjoying the festitivies of a family oriented holiday. Likewise we can use the New Year as a point of contact to evaluate what we’ve accomplished in the past year and, perhaps more important, what we plan to accomplish in 2011.

I am a firm believer in goal setting and I’m definitely results oriented. I like to employ principles that work and produce right results in my life.

So, with only a few days left in 2010 may I encourage you to look to the New Year as a fresh start in your life including your spiritual discipline, your physical and financial goals, and most important, your relationship with Jesus.

Goals are best approached and most likely to be fulfilled when written down. So take some time in the next week or two to think through and pray through some Holy Spirit given goals for the New Year. You may find it a bit of a challenge to write your goals especially if you take the extra time required to divide the goal into carefully planned steps toward their fulfillment. However, it’s time well spent.

One final thought, success (the reaching of your goals) is the result of a process of daily activity toward a desired result. Writing your goal is only the beginning. Achieving your goal is the objective. Your commitment a daily discipline is the pathway to success.

Go ahead and plan your goals and decide your future for 2011. You will be glad you did. At this time next year another year will have passed and you want to be sure you have used your time, abilities, and potentials wisely and accomplished something worthwhile in your life.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyful New Year!

One Response to “Entering a New Year”

  1. Love you Dan….thanks for the direction and encouragement as always. We can count on you to be steadfast! Merry Christmas to you and Marti and the family! Much Love From Us Fishers!

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