The Changing World

The overwhelming number of people that will read my blog are Brazilians, over 4000 of them. However my burden today is for the US and the condition the nations as fallen into and how that will affect Brazil. The US is at what may be it’s lowest point in history spiritually, economically, and morally. It seems America has been in a downward spiral for decades. The only solution is a radical move of God resulting in a great awakening. It’s happened before and it can happen again. There is no arguing that America leads what is called “the free world” including Brazil. I will be so bold as to say, “as America goes, Brazil goes.”

Concerning Brazil I already see the tell tale signs of decline. One indication is the new found prosperity that has captured the world’s attention. Some predict Brazil will rise to the fifth strongest economy in the world in a few years. It is vital for Christians to see that the abounding prosperity is not necessarily a sign of God’s approval. I believe God wants us to prosper but prosperity in itself brings certain temptations especially if it is interpreted wrongly. As I have said, prosperity is not always a sign of God’s approval.

The Bible promises financial blessings and prosperity to all who share in God’s covenant with Abraham the father of all who live by faith. However, the covenant of blessing and prosperity was to establish His (God’s) covenant. That covenant was that “all the nations of the earth would be blessed.” The covent was not only that we would be blessed but that we “would be a blessing.” So, an increase in blessing and prosperity is to enable us to be a blessing to all the nations of the world.

America is changing, but so is Brazil. It is imperative that the Christian church in Brazil does not miss the point and forget the purpose which is to be a channel of blessing. Israel’s great error was to see themselves as the object of God’s blessing (“God’s chosen people”). While it may be true they were “chosen” they were chosen for a purpose; a purpose which they refused to fulfill.

That purpose, to bless the nations, was passed on to the church and I fear the church has made the same mistake. All prosperity, whether for a nation or an individual is to be a blessing and pour out what God gives. As much as I value the blessing and prosperity of God I’m aware of the intoxicating effect it can have.

Here’s my point. God is blessing Brazil and bringing a great increase.  You should seize the opportunity to increase in every realm including finances. However, the increase is to enable you to do more for those around you. Do not see yourself as the “object” see yourself as the “channel”. What God does in you is never about you. What God does in you He desires to do through you. In fact, the more God can do in you, the more He can do through you. The more He gives you the more you can give. In this season of prosperity keep your focus and priority right. If you will learn to use your prosperity correctly there is no limit to what God can do. Don’t buy things you don’t need, don’t go into debt irresponsibly, be faithful in your tithe and offerings to the work of God. Constantly develop your love relationship with Jesus and see yourself and His representative in all things.

There is a great responsibility attached to blessings and prosperity. The Bible says the first requirement of a steward (someone entrusted with God’s blessings) is to be faithful.

I’ll talk more about this in a future blog.

The lord bless you.

6 Responses to “The Changing World”

  1. heloisa m lisboa Says:

    Amem que o Senhor Jesus continue te usando rica e poderosamente.Shalom!

  2. boa tarde dan!
    quanta saudade e ai como estas?
    grande abraço e obrigado por tudo, amamos voçes!!!

  3. Augusto Men Says:

    I didn’t live that, but as I hear and study, Brazil is right now spiritually much like America in the 50s or 60s. A prosperous country, with ministries expanding and reaching out other nations. But I also see great mistakes, such as the prosperity gospel, and people looking only at themselves, as you said, as the “target of the blessing”.
    That brings me a sharp sense of terror into thinking that in little time Brazil will be like America, spiritually dying. What can we do to change that?


  4. Remember, my friend: we (Brazil) are also America.

    America is not only the United States, but the US are OF America.
    We are together, linked by land and by heart and by the faith in the same Lord Jesus Christ!
    Reenforcing the word of the Lord (Gen 12:2), it always disturbs me when the President of the USA ends a speach with “God bless America” and I know that they mean the US exclusively.
    We are one (John 17:11) and must live as one.
    I don’t mean that we should unite politically because there’s too much History to it. But I do mean that we’re to reunite under one faith and really acknowledge our brotherhood in Jesus and live accordingly.

    God bless America!

  5. Paul Maze Says:

    My parents were missionaries to Brazil in the 60’s and early 70’s there was a tremendous spiritual outpouring then in Brazil. The Church grew exponentially. They experienced great growth, zeal and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately their denomination tired to shut down the move of the Holy Spirit just like the pattern here in the USA. We have a tendency to try to micro manage what God wants to do..My father was sent back to the USA for His refusal to stop the move of the Spirit..The church of the Nazarene in Brazil has it roots flavored with a tremendous move of God. As for me in the USA ,I am desperate for a great awakening.

  6. Jesus, It’s fantastic. The lord continue blessing you too.
    I’m amazed with this post.

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