The “4-P” principle (4 questions to answer) Volume one

This will be the first of 4 messages that address 4 words and how they lead you to the fulfillment of your call and purpose in God. I will present them to you in sequence then with each following article will complete the teaching on the “4-P” principle.

The 4 words I want you to remember are: Premise; prayer; promise and provision.
The first is..


Premise is defined in the English language as, “A proposition supporting or helping to support a conclusion.” It could be said that a person speaks from a certain “premise.” Or in other words, a foregone conclusion. That conclusion, whatever it may be, is a powerful force in your life for good or evil and everyone has a “premise”.

Here is my “premise.” Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived (by the devil), God will not be mocked (by the devil), Whatever a man sows, that is what he will reap.” That truth is the foundation of my life.

Everything in my life and ministry operates through and by this “premise” what I sow I will reap. It is the deception and mockery of the devil to attempt to convince me otherwise. The deception and mockery of the devil is that I can sow one type of seed and reap a different kind of harvest. Or, it may be the lie that I can give to God and receive nothing in return. That is deception and mockery to God! If I sow good things I will reap good things. If I sow to the Spirit I will reap of the Spirit eternal life.

The principle is evident that every seed must produce what it is, no exceptions ever. Apple seeds produce apples every time in any place. Apple seeds planted in Brazil produce apples. Apple seeds planted in Africa or China still produce apples. It’s the law of God that cannot be altered. The power of reproduction is resident in the seed. So my “premise” is I determine the outcome of my life and efforts by determining what seeds I sow and where I sow them.

Every seed has an assignment from God to produce  exactly what it is.  Money seeds produce money, automobile seeds produce automobiles, love seeds produce love, grace seeds produce grace, forgiveness seeds produce forgiveness and so on. What you need or desire determines your seed. Listen to this powerful truth, your harvest does not come according to the need you have but according to the seed you sow. When you have determined the harvest you desire you have identified the seed you must sow. Every seed produces what it is. You can pray for something you need or desire but your harvest is not the result of your prayer. Your harvest is the result of a seed that is sown in faith. You may be asking God, “where is my miracle?” God will reply, “Where is your seed?” No seed no harvest!

That is the “premise” of my life, that is the “proposition that helps support my conclusion.” My conclusion is that I determine my harvest in every realm by planting the right kind of seeds in the right amount and in the right place. The Bible is the best source of information and revelation on the subject of sowing a seed in anticipation of a harvest. I recommend you search the Scriptures to become convinced of this truth. I could give you the Scriptures and Bible references but that will not produce the same results than for you to open the Word of God for yourself. In other words, I’m not doing all the work.

Everyone has a “premise” which may be conscious or unconscious depending on the individual. The “premise” is the foundation from which someone functions. For example, a person who believes he or she is unpopular or unattractive will always be ruled and dominated by that “premise” and will discover people react to them in the exact same way. A person who is negative and has a negative “premise” will always conduct themselves in a negative way because they have a negative conclusion pictured in their mind.What is your “premise”? I have told you my “premise” and yours may be different, it probably is. However, I strongly encourage you to examine yourself and answer the question, “what is the premise of my life.” That is a tall order and it will require some serious thinking on your part. Your “premise”will lead you to your prayer, then to your promise, and finally to discover your provision which will bring you to the conclusion you desire.

Stand by for my next post.


6 Responses to “The “4-P” principle (4 questions to answer) Volume one”

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  2. Rita Nascimento Says:

    Thanks Dan!
    God has used her life to talk much with me, every precious word, I have kept in my heart
    I praise God for you
    God bless

  3. christopher langham Says:

    wow brother dan, that is some heavy stuff to search out and understand. thanks for the truth. I am buying the truth and selling it not.

  4. Thanks mate,
    The content is unique and carries the information which is useful..

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  5. Liz Willis Says:

    Interesting word….
    Blessings to you and peace in the camp!


  6. Interesting…standing by in prayer…

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