Beloved friends, I know some are waiting for part 2 of my 4 part blog on the 4 P Principle. However, I want to continue with part 1, Premise, and add another important ingredient. Part 2 and the continuation of the teaching will be posted shortly. Thank you for your patience.

As I explained in the previous blog, “Premise” is defined as, ” a proposition supporting pr helping to support a conclusion.” In my first blog I explained that the “premise of my life leading to a conclusion” is Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, Whatsoever a man sows, that will he reap.” The foundational “premise” of my life is that I can, and in fact will, reap exactly what I sow and that it is a deception of the devil and a mockery to God’s Word and integrity to believe that I can sow good things and not receive a good harvest in return!
As a follow-up the the previous blog I have recognized another “premise” in my life. It’s this, WORSHIP COMES BEFORE SERVICE.”
My concern is that you, the reader, will respond, “Oh I know that” and dismiss the seriousness and depth of that statement. Worship comes before service.
Religion and all religious teachings emphasize “works” and deemphasizes true and pure worship to God. However, your first and highest calling is worship. God seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.
There is no arguing the point we are admonished in Scripture to “maintain good works” and there seems to be no shortage of people who want to serve God and work for Him. Serve God we should but not at the expense of a life of worship. Some might argue that their work and service is worship. That’s a good point. However, that philosophy could be likened to a man who says I work hard and bring my paycheck home to prove I love my wife but never tells her “I love you.” True the wife appreciates the support and hard work of her husband but that does not take the place of intimacy. Likewise, we may be deeply challenged by the words of Jesus when He taught his disciples, “many will come to Me in that day and say, Lord we prophesied in your name, and in your name we cast out devils, and did many wonderful works, but I will say to them, depart from me, I never knew you. The may have worked for Him but they never came to be with Him! Worship comes before work.
Worship is a deliberate act of approaching God in reverence. Worship is not a public event but a private experience between you and God. Worship should not be done “on the go.” Time must be set aside daily simply to worship. Worship comes before work and, in fact, your work for God should be an extension of your worship to God. If what you do for Him comes from your intimacy with Him your works will bring forth eternal fruit that truly glorifies Him. That should be our number one desire. Did you worship Jesus today?
More to follow…

3 Responses to “Premise…continued”

  1. Powerful Dan! Worship before work!

  2. Rita Nascimento Says:

    Wonderful and powerful message!!Thanks Dan.
    God bless you always…

  3. Guilherme Lima Says:

    That´s a precious foundational teaching. In other words I´ve seen so much people looking for the “God institution” than the real, living, touchable God! Thanks Dan!

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