My Prayer, part two of four

I apologize for the delay in publishing part two of my four-part article, PREMISE, PRAYER, PROMISE, AND PROVISON.

In part one I explained my premise is that God is not mocked by the devil and whatever I sow I will, without fail, reap as a harvest in my life. I can determine the quality of my life simply by being aware that the seeds I sow will always determine my harvest. (Galatians chapter six)

This second part will deal with MY PRAYER. Notice that I use prayer in the singular. While it’s true I pray about a number of things I have one dominant prayer. My prayer, singular, is that I live an exemplary life and fulfill my destiny and calling to my generation and the generations to come.  That is my prayer.

What is yours?

When Jesus appeared to Solomon and asked what he wanted if he could have anything. The narrative of the Bible gives the impression Solomon was prepared for the question and answered immediately. I don’ t know it that’s the way it was or if some time elapsed to afford Solomon time to think through that remarkable question. It was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m sure it provoked some serious soul searching. Just put yourself in Solomon’s shoes for a moment.

Suppose Jesus revealed Himself to you and asked the same question what would be your answer? What would you ask  Jesus if you could ask any one thing and would never have that chance to again? That would be your PRAYER!

In counseling with people I frequently as them, “what would you do if you could do anything, no limitations, and having the full support of those whose help and support you need.”  It’s a rare person who can give an immediate answer. I find that interesting because the answer to that question could easily be your destiny.

So I ask you my friend, what would you ask if you could ask anything? Your answer could easily become your PRAYER, (singular).

Soon to follow, MY PROMISE.


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  2. Tank’s to this reflexion… You blessed my day

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