God is not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of Man, that He should repent, has He said and shall He not do it? Or has He spoken shall He not make it good? (Numbers 23:19)

All of us depend on the Lord to keep His promises and we trust Him to fulfill His Word to us. I know I do.

I remember the day long before attorneys and lawyers with their lengthy and complicated contracts that are almost impossible to understand when a man’s word was his bond. Nothing more was needed but the word of a man. When a man gave his word no lawyer was needed, a man’s word settled it. If he said it he would do it. Honestly, I miss those days.

One of the difficulties I face in relating to people happens when they say they will do something and fail to do it. That really troubles me and causes me to question the integrity of that person.

I am totally dependent on the Lord’s faithfulness to his word to sustain my life and I often retreat to His word as my only security. Something happens when I approach the Lord concerning His word to me. He always asks me if I have kept my word to Him and all others?

It seems I can only approach Jesus in faith about His word to me when I have kept my word to Him and all others. Obviously keeping my word is the key to my faith for Him to keep his word. In other words, I cannot have faith to believe His word if I have not kept my word. At least that’s the way it works for me.

This has taught me this important lesson, never say anything to anyone that I am not willing to fulfill. That has cost me dearly more than once! I remember several occasions when I spoke without considering the consequences. Did that excuse me? No. Could I say, “I did not really mean it?” No. On one occasion a hasty word given to a certain individual cost me almost twenty thousand U.S. dollars. Believe me, it pained me to keep that word but I learned a valuable lesson; never speak anything that I am not prepared to fulfill. Consider this, the Bible says, “he swears (gives his word) to his own hurt, and changes not.”(Psalm 15:4) For me that means if I say it, I do it!

To me, integrity is everything and leaves no place for compromise at any price. If I say something I am obligated to do it. We expect that of the Lord, should He expect less of us?

Let me ask you; is there something you have spoken to someone that you have not yet done? Have you given your word and then not honored it? This is important my friend consider it carefully.

I suggest you take an inventory of your conscience and ask yourself the question, “ Have I given my word even in jest or joking or before considering the consequences and failed to do it?” If the answer is “yes” then make it right as soon as possible.

When you are “a man of your word” your confidence will soar to new heights when you look to the Lord to keep His word.



4 Responses to “A MAN’S WORD IS WHO HE IS!”

  1. christopher langham Says:

    Thank you.
    Brother Dan did I somehow miss Part three and four “Promise and Provision” of the 4-P Blog series?

  2. Rita Nascimento Says:

    Dan,wonderful message.I loved!!!!

    God bless you!!!

  3. Dan, again, a poingnant reminder of our responsibility to others to keep our word. Also we honor God by doing so.

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