Greetings from the US,
I think about my many friends in Brazil every day and I confess I miss seeing your happy faces!
Marti and I are doing well here and finding our place to fit in to what God is doing in the church in America. My many years invested in Brazil have made me hungry for the same move of God we experienced there to be accomplished here. Please join me in prayer for God to visit the United States.
Now that I have your attention may I encourage you to highly value your, “JESUS TIME?” I’m speaking of the private and intimate moments you spend with Jesus EVERY DAY! Nothing is more important or more productive than time in His presence.
Everyone is very busy these days. Whether you are a pastor, a student, an office worker, a mom who stays home with the children, or whoever you are, everyone is busy with a thousand things to do. My life is like that.
However, our first priority, and our highest calling is to be with Jesus and I can assure you if you neglect your JESUS TIME you will suffer in everything else.
Spiritually speaking these are dangerous times (see 2 Timothy 3:1-5) and we must be aware of the danger. That is not to make us nervous or afraid, only wise and discerning of our surroundings. It’s important to keep your spirit alert and your heart free. The Bible warns us to, “Keep (guard) your heart with all keeping, for out of it flows the issues of your life.” (Proverbs 4:23) I have discovered the best, and maybe the only way, to keep my heart free and happy and my spirit sensitive to the things of God is to guard and protect my JESUS TIME.
My JESUS TIME is early in the day. If I neglect to be alone with Jesus first thing in the morning the rest of my day never goes well. So for me, early morning is my best time to have my JESUS TIME. That may not be true for you; perhaps your best time to be with Jesus is at the end of your day. That’s fine too. My point is this; do not neglect to be with Jesus every day. Believe me, nothing is more important than your moments with Him.
In our busy schedules it’s a big temptation to put things in wrong priority, I know that’s my temptation. But I know so well that my life, my success, my joy, my anointing. my relationships, and everything else depends on me guarding and protecting my JESUS TIME every day,

You have heard this message before, and you know these things. However what you know does nothing for you if you are not doing what you know. Knowledge alone has no value if it does not provoke action. The Bible says it is not those who hear the word who are blessed, but those who do the word are blessed. Don’t neglect your JESUS TIME every day, your future depends on it.
What should you do in your JESUS TIME and how should the time be spent? Well, here is what I do. I play my favorite worship music to fill the atmosphere then I sit quietly in His presence until He comes. He always comes. Then I simply respond to His presence in whatever way seems appropriate at that moment. It’s not my purpose to give you a step-by-step method because you must find your own way. All I can promise you is this, “draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” (James 4:8)
If you will value your JESUS TIME He will come meet you in the secret place of the Most High. It is there, in His presence that your heart is cleansed and your spirit is renewed, then you are ready to face your day.
God bless you,
Dan Duke

5 Responses to “JESUS TIME”

  1. So very true. I have just finished an 8 part series Welcome To The Wilderness [actually nine blogs on it]. I have been reminded that the more popular [busy] Jesus got the more He withdrew to the wilderness [Luke 5:16] to have His Father time.

    Thanks for keeping the flame burning!


  2. I’ve learned during the past year, how important it’s to value our daily time with Jesus… We can do a lot of things for him, but, if we don’t have time with him… our work will not draws us close to him…

    He cares more about us, that about what we do… and that’s amazing!

    I love your post!
    Thank you so much!


  3. christopher langham Says:

    thank you brother dan.

  4. Thanks Dan, you certainly walk this out. The Scipture says that they being the Disciples were recognized for having been with Jesus. May we all be recognized in like manner.

  5. Thanks, Dan for coming and hanging with us tonight. What rich time in the Lord. Could you send me what the Lord has given you concerning the future of the Church and our nation?

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