The Object of God’s Blessing

“What advantage has the Jew? Or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way, chiefly because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.” (See Romans 3:1-2)
Israel was given the privilege of receiving the Word of God and the responsibility of taking that word, the gospel of Grace, to the nations. They refused and failed to fulfill a wonderful opportunity.
As I understand it, the fundamental problem is they saw themselves as the object of God’s blessing. For example, they are often called, “the chosen people.” Today in the New Testament church we are tempted to repeat the same mistake.
I call it a mistake because Israel was never the object of God’s blessing but was ordained to be the channel of God’s blessing. Israel’s purpose was to present God to the nations of the world. They refused
The New Testament church has inherited the same opportunity and mission. It is true that we may become the object of His affection but not the object of His blessing. Jesus is the object; we are the channels.
The difference between an object and a channel is simply this; if you consider yourself the object what God does in you stops with you. If you see yourself as a channel of God’s blessing what He does in you or gives to you flows through you to others.
The principle is simple but profound and fundamental to your Christian life. God’s work in your life is never about you as the object. On the contrary, He desires to bless you in order to make you a blessing. See Genesis 12:1-3.
Do you understand?
As I have said we as God’s children may be the objects of His affection but what He does in us and gives to us is to enable us to allow His goodness to flow through us to others.
You will remember the encounter Jesus had with Peter after His resurrection. Peter had denied Jesus three times and claimed he did not “know the man.” (See Matthew 26:72-74). Peter had returned to fishing along with other of the disciples when suddenly Jesus appeared on the shore. Peter went to Him and Jesus asked three times, “Peter do you love me?” Peter responded to each question with, “Yes Lord.” Jesus responded, “Feed my sheep.”
It is obvious Jesus and Peter loved each other. The same is true of you and me. He loves us and we love Him. So, His word to us is the same as to Peter, “if you love me feed my sheep.” In other words, allow Jesus’ love and blessing flow through you to touch others.
It is proven in my life that as I allow God’s love and blessing flow through me that His love and blessing never stops. The only way I can stop the flow of God’s blessing is to see myself as the object rather than the channel.
Do you get it? Do you see what I’m saying? Do you understand the principle? Will you accept the invitation to “be a blessing?”
One of the greatest verses in the Bible and a principle I attempt to live by is this, “Whatever you desire that men would do for you, you do it [first] to them.” (See Matthew 7:12)
Your life is an undeniable record of reaping what you have sown. You will receive whatever you are willing to give, but you must give it first.
Give and it will be given [back] to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over shall men give unto you. (See Luke 6:38)
Again I will say, you will receive in your life whatever you are willing to give, but you must give it first.
So much more could be said concerning this subject. It’s one of life’s basic principles and the key to all success and favor. You will receive in your life what you are willing to give, but you must begin the process by giving it first. You cannot receive what you have not given. That principle is so powerful when understood and applied.
Beginning today I suggest you determine that whatever God does in your life will freely flow through you to touch and bless others. In doing so you will discover a never-ending supply of God’s love, grace, and favor flowing through you.
May God bless you by this word.

3 Responses to “The Object of God’s Blessing”

  1. That’s a good word right there!

  2. christopher langham Says:

    Thank you Brother Dan, I have read this now three times and meditated on it and I choose to be a blessing. As it was said to me in Bible school: One hand to give and one to receive and as the money goes there’s plenty for you… Though it is about everything else in our lives as well isn’t it, not just cash… Thanks for the post.

  3. Lennette Deal Says:

    In the short period of time we have known you, I know you and your wife to live by this daily!

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