The Faith Of God

“And Jesus responded to them, Have faith in God,” or as my English Bible reads, “Have the faith of God.” Are you aware that God is a “faith God”? He moves and creates by faith. And He requires us to have faith! The Bible even says, “without faith it is impossible to please Him.” (Hebrews 11:6) The reason for that is simple; God delights to bless us but we can only receive the blessing, thereby allowing God to do what pleases Him, when we receive His blessings by faith. It would seem that it is faith, and faith alone, that releases the hand of God in our behalf.
So exactly what kind of faith does God have?
The Faith of God is released in two dimensions. First, God believes that every seed He sows will produce the desired harvest and second, He believes that every word He speaks will happen exactly as He has spoken.
Those two things are the keys to having the kind of faith God has. First let’s consider the seed. The greatest “seed” ever sown was Jesus and He was sown (planted) before the foundation of the world! Amazing! Consider, before sin was ever committed, sin’s consequences were provided for in a seed. The Bible teaches that God planted Jesus as a seed, 3 days and 3 nights, in order that He might receive a harvest of “many sons to glory.” (Hebrews 1:10)
God believes that every seed He plants will produce a desired harvest. Your life would be forever changed if you believed that! One of the first laws (principles) that God established was the law of “seed time and harvest.” (See Genesis 1:28-29; Genesis 8:22). It amazes me that so few Christians understand this principle when it so obviously works without fail. The Bible emphatically declares that, “God is not mocked, whatever a man sows, that will he reap.” What could more plain, simple and clear than that?
God’s faith teaches us that our seed determines our harvest. When we identify the harvest we desire we have identified the seed we must sow. Every seed reproduces what it is all the time, every time.
God had one son, Jesus; He wanted many sons so He planted the Son He had in anticipation of a harvest of many sons. Your life, my friend, is part of God’s harvest!
So, to have the “faith of God” you simply educate yourself in this principle that every seed you sow, good or bad, will produce a harvest with unfailing accuracy. Literally in this way you determine your personal destiny by the seeds you sow. Good seeds produce a good harvest. Evil or bad seeds will likewise produce their harvest and the consequences will be obvious.
The second aspect of the faith of God is that He believes every word He speaks will come to pass. What if you believed that about your words? How would that affect your choice of words? What would you speak about yourself and others if you knew those words would happen? Pretty strong thought don’t you agree?
In the New Testament Jesus was knows by the words He spoke. His words amazed people. He spoke with authority and cast out demons with His word. We have no record that He prayed for people in the general sense but He spoke and the sick were healed, the fig tree died in a day (Mark 11:20). He spoke and the sea became calm. He spoke and the worlds were created. Even today He upholds all things by the power of His Word (Hebrews 1:3)
These two things are life changing but you will not master them in a day. These two principles must become a lifestyle for those who truly desire to reach their potential in this life. The two most powerful things in the universe are seeds and words and it becomes doubly true when you realize all seeds are not words, but all words are seeds!
The “faith of God” or “faith in God”, believes that every seed you sow has within itself the harvest of what it is and every word you speak has the power to create what it is. Think about it my friend the Bible is filled with this from Genesis to The Revelation of Jesus Christ, (The WORD) made flesh.
For more on this subject study your Bible. Make it your business to prove these things and implement them in your life. You can have “ the kind of faith God has.”

One Response to “The Faith Of God”

  1. christopher langham Says:

    Amen and Hallelujah Brother Dan. I love the fact that you told us to get in there and study our Bible and prove this true. Thanks

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