Letter Fire and Glory

Greetings Beloved,

Firstly, I want to thank more than one thousand hungry Christians who joined me in Belo Horizonte for the 18th annual Fire and Glory. For me, it was very deep and strong. I was very happy to see you there. If you were unable to attend I missed you and hope to see you next year.

I know that many of you were greatly inconvenienced at the check-in and for that I apologize. My greatest desire is to make the Fire and Glory a marvelous experience for you. I will continue to work with SESC to make the check-in simpler.

Now for some good news! I am negotiating with SESC for a Fire and Glory Event during Carnival 2012! I have never done a Carnival event before and the SUBSCRIPTION WILL BE LIMITED TO LESS THAN ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE so as soon as the registration is open do not hesitate to secure your place. The event will fill fast so, again, don’t delay to secure your subscription.

I was very encouraged with the participation in the Fire and Glory. It was a conformation to me that there is a fresh wind of God blowing over Brazil. So many of you reading this letter have been touched by the move of God that began many years ago. Some of you have not yet experienced the powerful experience of seeing God visit an entire nation as He did before. Get ready it’s coming!

The DVD’s of the Fire and Glory will soon available on our website. My five new DVD’s are available as well. It is my desire to provide my Brazilian family the very best products possible. I welcome your feed back on all of our products.

I will return to Brazil in September for two events, one in Belo Horizonte and one in Sao Paulo. The agenda is still being planned but I will notify you of the details as soon as they are finalized.

My loving embrace to each of you and I hope to embrace all of you during one of my visits to your region.

Please remember to pray for me as I continue to develop my ministry in the U.S. I am YOUR MISSIONARY from Brazil to the United States. North America is in a desperate condition during these days and only a move of God will heal the nation. I believe I am here for this moment. May I depend on your prayers and support?

If you have a testimony resulting from the Fire and Glory, especially if you were healed or deeply impacted please send your testimony directly to me at thedanduke@gmail.com

My embrace,


Dan Duke

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