Everything in your life is somehow directly attributable to a decision, yours or someone else’s.

This book is written to help you in your decision making process.

Some years ago a popular faith preacher coined the phrase “quality decision.” That was his way of defining the difference between simply deciding a thing and making a deep hearted commitment. How many times have you decided, for example, to lose weight? It sounded like a good thing so you “decided” to do it. Well, did you? Did you lose weight and keep it off? If you answer “yes” you made a decision, if “no” you did not make a “quality decision'”!

The type of decision I’m writing about goes deeper, much deeper than a simple attempt at something and leaves plenty of room for failure when the going gets tough which it invariably will. The prophet Job says, “you shall decide a thing and it will be established to you.” So what kind of decision do you think he is talking about? That is the point of this book.

Once you truly understand what I am communicating you will value your decision making privilege far greater than you ever have. That’s a good thing and if I’m successful in doing that, your life will become productive and fulfilling beyond what you have previously imagined.

Writing is difficult for me and I avoid having to do it. Writing requires much more patience and diligence than speaking not to mention more solid facts and reasoning. Once it’s written and put to print it cannot be changed so I better get it right the first time. The obvious fact that you are reading this book is an indication I made a ”’ quality decision.” If you never have this book in your hand then I merely thought it a good thing to do someday and never did complete it.

It is never a good idea to begin something, anything, and not finish it. To do so is training your inner man, your spirit, to develop a failure mentality and you undermine your own integrity to yourself! If you do not value your integrity enough to finish what you’ve begun you will always accept the failure and justify it in your mind-but your spirit-man knows and your self esteem diminishes.

When you know that whatever you begin you will, you must, complete will in itself greatly affect the decisions you make and the words you speak. I have several experiences of saying something to someone without thinking it through, and it cost me! If I said it I must do it even if I said it hastily. If I spoke it I am absolutely obligated to do it. That my friend will jerk the slack out of your chain! It is quite normal for someone to say to me that they will do a certain thing, something I may not have even asked them to do, and not do it. It could be the smallest thing but that does not matter. One size fits all and If you speak it do it, no excuses. If you say you are going to do something and discover you are humanly incapable of doing it at least have the integrity to go to that person and explain that you gave a word you cannot fulfill and apologize. They may say, Oh it was nothing?” but you say, “it was something, it was my word.”

While growing up my children never asked me one time, “daddy do you promise?” They grew up knowing if daddy said it he would do it. How has society deteriorated to the point that there is more credibility communicated if I “promise”? Is there a difference between my word and my promise? Is it to be assumed if I say it it is optional whether or not I do it while If i “promise” then I probably will? I’m not buying that!

I’ve been an international missionary for many years and people frequently ask if they can accompany me on one of my missions. I usually reply in the affirmative and the next question is almost always, “how much does it cost?” What difference does it make” I ask them. “Are you coming or not?” if you are coming on a mission trip what difference does it make how much it costs? You are either coming or your not. The decision comes first. You never address the How until you have established the WHAT.

My definition of decision is a heart dedication and total commitment to accomplish something that you have set out to do and you will do it, period!



  1. Good word! I’m thinking of Matt Redman’s song from years ago – “Now To Live the Life”, that’s where I’m at…


  2. And that would be a wise word 🙂 Thank you.

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